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By the end of the night, it was quite clear that the truths revealed in P!nk’s 2008 mega-hit, “So What,” remain accurate to this day: P!nk is certainly “still a rock star,” she’s got unbelievable “rock moves” – including a high-flying aerial finale – and she’s “having more fun” than all of us.

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to pre-order “Beautiful Trauma” and follow P!nk on Facebook to keep up-to-date with her latest news.

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By Tobacco Free CA

Just when cigarettes finally dropped in popularity, vaping somehow made tobacco cool again.

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Laurie Fanelli is a Chicago-based writer and photographer who specializes in live entertainment coverage. She is at home at major music festivals like Coachella, Bonnaroo and, of course, Lollapalooza and Riot Fest. She loves chatting with hilarious comedians and has interviewed the likes of Maria Bamford, Paula Poundstone and Tracy Morgan, to name a few. She has photographed tons of great bands/musicians – from every genre – including Rob Zombie, Florence and the Machine, Alabama Shakes, Neil Young, Shania Twain, Pitbull, Pierce the Veil, Kendrick Lamar, Patti Smith and many, many more. When not writing or shooting shows, Laurie loves to spend her free time training for marathons and exploring the city of Chicago. She is a longtime vegetarian and animal advocate who likes to cook healthy, delicious meals that everyone can enjoy. For more information or to contact Laurie, head over to www . lauriefanelli . com .

Rebellious Magazine delivers a unique feminist perspective on Chicago news, events, politics and culture through original articles, essays and interviews. We support women-owned and women-operated businesses and organizations through editorial coverage and business partnerships.

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Updates with details about Saturday's Christian Louboutin Preowned Turquoise Leather Handbag ZxwTaVI
protests in #Chicago , suburbs

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: 2009-3-25 下午2:06 Andre Dieball
lc_user .

hi there,i am the macintosh administrator for our company and we have several network issues concerning out macintosh computers (10.4.11) accessing the network shares/servers/printers through the riverbed. does anyone have a "best practices" guide on how to optimize traffic for macs using steelheads? ANY information, posts, links, documents or even telling me your own issues would be helpful.thank you,lc_user

Macintosh Compatibility Issues
Chadwickallison .

At this point Riverbed doesnt accelerate Mac. I would make some in-path ruels to bypass they systems. If you are using DHCP I would go owith static IP's.The network always dictates what happens with a riverbed depolyment, but being an engineer I would probably add the subnet the Mac's are on so that way you have room to grow or to move IP's around.If you have acces to the steelhead you make the rule here.Configure > Optimization > In-Path RulesAdd new in-path rulePull the "type" to "pass-through"Position: end<<<<DO NOT MAKE THIS THE FIRST RULE<<<<<<<<Source Subnet: x.x.x.x/x do not use 255.255.x.x use a slash / what ever your bits are (24 for etc)Destination Subnet: same way as abovePreoptimization Policy: NoneOptimization Policy: NormalLatency Optimization Policy: Norma Neural Framing Mode: Never WAN Visibility Mode: Correct Addressing Description: I would name this "Mac user passthrough rules"In all the pages of the RIOS you can see a ? ckick it and it has good descriptions and how to use it.If you have a steelhead you should be able to go to Http:// and sign up. Once there I would search "In-path rules" to make sure you are doing it correctly.always save your changes.

Bob Gilbert

Riverbed does optimize Mac environments by applying data reduction + TCP optimization to the CIFS traffic so the potential for speedup is highly dependent on the environment and workload. For more buly transfers, expect to see up to 10X improvement or greater. Unfortunately, there is no current support for layer-7 acceleration of Mac-flavored CIFS/SMB file sharing so the up to 100X acceleration is not possible. If the environment uses NFS then Riverbed does provide layer-7 acceleration.

Re: Macintosh Compatibility Issues

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P!nk is a big deal. Since first beginning her radio domination backin 2000, her powerful voice has inspired millions of fans to go for their dreams and feel confident while doing it. She’s won three Grammy Awards and every single one of her studio albums has gone platinum (most many times over) – a fate that will undoubtedly be shared by her upcoming release, “Beautiful Trauma,” when it drops on Oct. 13.

Excitement is in the air whenever P!nk comes to town, but her Sept. 9 performance at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park felt extra special as the pop superstar had only performed a handful of one-off shows – rather than a full tour – throughout the summer. Most artists may have taken this opportunity to ease into their new material and maybe perform a stripped down, low-key set, but P!nk isn’t like most artists.

The show kicked off with a bang when the iconic intro of “Get the Party Started” blasted out of the speakers and P!nk emerged from the back of the crowd. As the singer made her way up to the stage, she hugged and high-fived lucky fans on the aisles connecting with as many people as humanly possible.

P!nk’s generosity of spirit and her enthusiasm for creating special moments with individuals was a constant throughout the night. After singing a gorgeously heartbreaking rendition of her “The Truth About Love” single, “Just Give Me a Reason,” she spoke directly to a young fan in the audience who was holding a sign revealing that it was her 12 th birthday. “I cried everyday when I was 12,” she said. “Hang in there. It’s hard to be a girl, but it’s pretty awesome, too.”

Later, an intimate acoustic interlude – that concluded with guitarist Justin Derrico absolutely shredding during an out-of-this-world cover of “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” – found P!nk once again singling out a group of fans to compliment their sparkly T-shirts as she prepared to sing “Who Knew.”

Just as P!nk’s music has meant so much to her fans, many songs have touched the pop star’s soul, helping to shape her into the unique talent that she is today. She shared unbridled love for fellow female front-women by singing authentic covers of such diverse acts as 4 Non Blondes, Bishop Briggs and No Doubt, whose “Just a Girl” made for the perfect mash-up companion to P!nk’s own “Funhouse.” P!nk also paid tribute to “another fierce female” with her fun and soulful take on the Janis Joplin classic, “Me Bobby McGee.”



Popmotion provides simple utility functions that can take a value and return it transformed. These are, unsurprisingly, called transformers .


These functions can perform a wide range of tasks. Something as simple as appending a unit:

Make an infinite looping sequence:

Or converting a value from one range to another:

As you can see, many of these transformers are curried. So we can make a function:

And then reuse it elsewhere:

Because these functions are very simple and all carry the same signature, we can compose them. Popmotion provides a special transformer to do just that.

pipe is named as such because it takes a list of functions and returns a new function that will run these functions from left to right . Essentially, creating a value pipeline.

left to right

As our functions are descriptively named, and as many of them are curried, our pipelines become very easy to read. They become less imperative, and more declarative.

For instance, let’s compose a function that will always return a valid RGB value. RGB values are simply integers between 0 and 255 .

What’s cool about this example is that it shows that any function that 1) takes a number and 2) returns a number, can be composed. Math.round does exactly that, so we can compose it.

You don’t have to write this function yourself, because that exact code is already included as a Popmotion transformer, and used in the rgba VIDA Tote Bag purple moutains by VIDA 2hTU85

The rgba transformer is itself composed. Here’s the exact code:


This is an example of composing functions which were themselves composed . This is a very clear way of expressing and reusing our logic.

which were themselves composed

Every Popmotion action and reaction has a native pipe function.

Providing a list of functions to pipe will return a new instance of the action or reaction, and whenever its update function is called, the value will be passed through these functions before being emitted.

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